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Vehicles for God's Love

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Recently, the time came for me to sell my lovely car. I was her proud owner for 4 years, and although she had been breaking down more regularly over the years, I held on to her because to be honest, she was a very pretty colour and I didn't want to sell her!

I took her to a car dealership, and was slightly shocked and saddened to find out that she was only worth £380. I have been told numerous times that the value of cars depreciates over time, but I had spent quite a lot of money on maintaining that car. Besides which, £380 just didn't seem like very much money for a car that had given me so many adventures and memories - not to mention her very pretty colour!

It was then that I realised that you can't put a price on memories - they are priceless. The car dealer based his price on the worldly value of my car - he saw it as a box of metal with four wheels and quite a few faults. I overlooked its faults and saw it as a vehicle for adventure (as well as a place to sing at the top of my voice and an extra storage facility for CDs...) So, whatever the car dealer offered me for my car probably wouldn't have been enough, because the memories that my car enabled me to have are priceless.

We, as humans, have also been bought for a price. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us when He died on the cross, and it means that when God looks at us, he doesn't see our faults. He doesn't see us for what we are now- He sees us for what we CAN be through Jesus. God sees our potential - to love, to serve others and to serve Him. Through Jesus, we are no longer seen as the world sees us - flawed and broken. We are seen as vehicles for God's love, embarking on an adventure with Jesus in the driving seat, steering us towards those that need to experience His love.

Driving with Jesus is the best adventure life can bring, and the memories made along the way are priceless. So although I am a bit sad that my little car had to be sold, I am filled with joy knowing that I have been bought for the highest price, to be used as a vehicle for God's love.

Every blessing,



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