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Our Harvest Home

Many years ago, the building that is now Lowen Christian Centre was two old cottages, no longer fit for human habitation. They became part of the storage facilities for the farm, with pig and cattle feed being stored there- part of the lounge and kitchen area even became a grain bin!

The walls were lined with sheet metal and the grain came from the field and was transferred into the grain bin- tonnes of corn filling the room from floor to ceiling! As children we played in it, entering in from 'upstairs!' It's hard to imagine now but this was the place of safety for the harvest.

One line from a harvest hymn says:

' All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.'

Lowen Christian Centre has been a place where not just wheat has been safely gathered, but lives have been harvested too, and brought to the safety and security of a relationship with God. There are people today who look back to a camp at LCC where they first encountered the reality of God and His love for them shown through Jesus. Amidst the fun, laughter and adventure, seeds were sown that led to changed lives. God's voice was heard calling them by name, 'Come follow me.' And they responded.

Who knows where God has led them now, but we pray they are still planting the seeds that lead to lives of purposeful living with God. Maybe you are one of those people? We'd love to hear your story.



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