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5 Things to Add to your Summer Camp Checklist

With the faint sounds of the worship bands in the distance, the squelching of wellies in mud and taste of marshmallows on the BBQ just around the corner, we've got some things that you might want to add to your summer camp check list. Think we've forgotten something? Leave a comment below!

1. A Listening Ear

There are many ways that God speaks - it might be through a Bible verse, through something a preacher says, through a worship song or even through a friend. Make sure you're listening - God loves to talk to His children.

2. An Open Heart

God is waiting to pour out His love - have an open heart so that you can receive it. It might not come in the way you expect it or when you expect it, so keep inviting God in and allow Him to fill your heart.

3. Sense of Humour

There's nothing quite like a good laugh with friends. Tent collapsed? BBQ burnt? Can't sleep over the sound of snoring? Laugh it off and carry on; we think it's the best way to go!

4. Sense of Adventure

Camping might not be your ideal holiday, so think of it as an adventure! There's loads of fun to be had and memories to be made, and they're all waiting to happen.

5. Willingness to get Stuck In

We are called to serve each other, and they say that many hands make light work. Look for opportunities to love and serve your neighbours, whether that be cooking, washing up or praying for a friend.

Got your toothbrush and your wellies? We reckon you're ready to go! Whether you're off to one of the major Christian festivals or having a more low-key church weekend away this summer, we pray that you would experience God's presence and have an awesome adventure.


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